Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alien-Alt-1990 Grrl

There has been this influx of girls on tumblr who are into some/all/any of the following; gwen stefani, wigs, bindis and stickers, platforms, sunflowers, drew barrymore, plastic jewellery, courtney love, the spice girls, and old nickelodeon after-school shows. Weird thing is I'm pretty sure most of these girls were hardly conscious/born during the nineties. Though I can't complain, I am of the nineties. I think I'm regressing but I LOVE THIS SHIT.


Becky 8:11 PM  

This post is so fucking true. I can't exactly talk I love bindis I think they make people look dainty. Hmm love your blog ~seW following~

Anonymous 6:49 AM  

what's your tumblr url?

love buzz 11:18 AM  

i was born in the 80s!!!

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