Friday, September 24, 2010

Late Night Prada

Whilst pulling a late-night finishing an essay, I decided to procrastinate and watch the Prada show stream live from their website. It was actually quite exciting watching it all unfold, with the music, the setting, the people; it looks like an easy life to get sucked into. Oh, and the clothes were so beautiful.

Bloggers and the internet have cracked open this fashion shell, making it more accessible than ever. Whatever magic in exclusivity it may have lost in this instantaneous, full-coverage age it has gained so much more. The art of fashion is shared with more people by more people - a net benefit.

Which is what pissed me off about the Tom Ford collection; what might have been intended as a novelty hark-back to the classic and demure collection display (with a slew of celebrities? Real demure) came off as an elitist excuse to downplay the pressure placed on his comeback, and a big f**k-you to his fans that didn't get an invite. The worst thing is that these clothes will eventually be exposed the rest of the unworthy world in diluted form of editorials and street-wear.

Ending on a positive note, the rest of the fashion world has embraced this new era, perhaps because like all art, it should be shared with the masses.



מיכל♥ג'וש 9:36 PM  

wow, thank you for that. i've been thinking about this show\act for a while now, and your perspective on it is meaningful+insightful.

מיכל♥ג'וש 9:37 PM  

wow, thank you. i've been pondering over this show\act for a while now, and your words are insightful+meaningful.

מיכל♥ג'וש 9:38 PM  

oops, double comment - thought it didn't receive it the 1st time. and now look - well here's a third one. sorry.

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