Friday, April 16, 2010

Chloe as Edie for Sassy

When Sassy magazine was sold and merged with some other teen mag, the bitter writers released a lost '94 issue on the internet. Judging by all the references, the website itself (internet nostalgia!), and the fact that Sassy stopped publishing in 96, you can't expect good quality scans. But this is seriously next level lq.

I also love the thanks on the editorial page;
special thanks:ex-sassy staff. mayim bialik (so lame she's kool), brent the boy model (yow.), billy corgan, mike D., evan "i wish i were him" dando, james iha (who actually volunteered to write his feature on lolla 94), thurston moore aka, rupaul queen of queens, chloe sevigny (ex-intern turn star), veruca salt (who hate all things "sickly-sweet and cloying").

I recommend you check out the site; thurston moore, joey ramone, veruca salt. All the cool New York kids of the nineties seemed to be involved with . Click on Ru Paul, girl does the beauty tips.


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