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Kahnivores | Kahn and Bell

When Kahn and Bell first teamed up, it was a marriage of such perfect convenience, perhap's it was not destined to last forever. Patti already had the Hurst Street premises which she run as Bill & Bell with frinde Billy Bray, selling mostly period second-hand clothes.Tragically, Billy was killed in a hit-and-run accident a few years ago, but it was not that which ended the paternship."People always think it was, but Jane and I were working together before then. Billy was a real character but he was schizophrenic - sorry Bill. "He was losing interest and we were going in very different directions. i wanted to get into the punks clothes and Bill wanted a man on the door to keep the punks out. " says Patti.A partnership between kindred spirits was born. Kahn got her retail outlet and Bell got someone with the expretise to make up the patters to which they both contributed their own highly individual ideas.

SHOCK wearing Kahn

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