Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chloe Sevigny | Self Service 2007

Editorial NO.1 I always say "Okay, I'm going to be more punk now."
Photographed by Todd Cole

Editorial NO.2 "I'm getting into the sexy stuff like Versace and Alaia."
Photographed by Roger Deckker

Editorial NO.3 I tend to me more modern and art deco
Photographed by Katja Rahlwes.

Editorial NO. 4 I Don't Speak In Paragraphs
Photographed by Paolo Roversi

Editorial NO.5 I've Been Addicted To Gray Cardigans Since High School
Photographed by Terry Richardson

Editorial NO.6 I've Never Been A Futurist
Photographed by David Sims

Editorial NO.6 I'm Very In To A Kind Of Circus Look Right Now
Photographed by Mario Sorrenti

Wow, she can do no wrong. Her style is always an indication of what's to come.

Scanned by 1karina1 for fashionspot


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