Sunday, November 05, 2006

This Charming Man - Beau Brummell

The inventor of Dandyism and often considered a pioneer of the modern suit, Beau Brummel (1778 - 1849) was a member of the highest society in England. Tall and fair with a rakish broken nose from a horse incident, he was left with an inheritance of 20,000 pounds, and until his undoing, managed to hang with people getting that annually.

He dressed in impeccable, finely tailored suits with a frilly neck adornement. Taking five hours to dress, he washed his boots with champagne and if his cravat was not tied properly he disposed of it. He apparently made hygiene cool.

He is so relevent now, to be an fashionable aspiration, because he reinstates a sense of respect to clothing and fashion, and is cool. So cool in fact, that there is movies, music and BBC series devoted/reffering to him.

So boys and girls, get out the polished knee high riding boots, invest in an fine double breasted suit with brass buckles with the collar stiff and erect to frame a cascading centerpiece of a cravat, and hit the streets with an effervescent, condescending air.




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