Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Trend Forecast

I went on a magazine binge, reacquainted myself with the fashion blogs. As a result, here's a list of marvelous things i'd like to acquire soon.



This started out as a boy trend, usually slung très lâchement around the neck, but now i'm digging it for myself. It's a more summery version of those giant quasi-bedspread pashmina's girls asphyxiate themselves with, and has a great modern silhouette.

Radcore hipster in designer drapery, possibly racked from old lady

Richie accentuating her disproportional head




This is more of a winter trend, but i think it uber-classes up summer's tarty brights. In bubble skirts and bustier dresses, you can go with a lot of angles.

Zimmerman S/S 07
Australian's can summer up anything. The shift shape is rad.

Some scenester glamming up the grunge flannel with silk.

Teen Vogue spread
Layered for winter with pockets.



Honestly, i'm not one for accessories. They fail to catch my eyes whilst shopping so I'm in severe shortage. Although Lindsay Lohan herself is bland and crap, her stylist does a good job of integrating the perpetual crap on wrist trend... with a twist, the crap is Hermes. Anyway, amassing numerous bits of twine, golden trinkets and wooden bangles looks great with a white crochet bikini and a magnificent tan.

Witchery shell necklace 39.95, and heart pendant w/ chain 49.95


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